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Christmas 2021

hasta el año que viene ...


If I say Christmas, what do you think?

Some warm pajamas, a cup of hot chocolate, sitting with the family near a large tree full of ornaments.

Snow, shopping, lots of street lights, lots of gifts and those movies  from the 90s that you go back to watch every year and that strangely the children also like. 

This year I want to share one of my family traditions,

when with my brothers we put on  in the kitchen, hands to work, to get dirty with flour.

The result was the best we had  never tasted, especially because it tasted like a family.

In this session I have focused on that feeling of magic,  that transports us many years ago and brings us back to childhood .

Those who follow me on the networks have already seen a preview of what the decoration will be like, but there is still a little surprise to reveal!

Although I think you already understood...

We will share this moment a little in advance so that in December everything is ready.  


who can participate

From 4 months. Ideally, children can sit up on their own, usually around 6/7 months, although each one goes at their own pace.

If they still can't sit down, we'll take more pictures with the parents.

Obviously parents can also participate.

If you want photos with cousins, grandparents or friends, you will have to reserve two consecutive sessions.

How long does it last and what does it include?

The session lasts 30 minutes, then  I will need some time between one session and the other to reorder

and disinfect everything before the arrival of the next family.

This year there will be two stages within one. The second includes an activity that the kids can take home.

More details and clothing

You will receive a guide on everything you need  to know so that some precious photos come out,

including what kind of clothing you will have to wear.



We will do the Christmas Sessions only in November, to have everything ready in December.

From now on, you can check availability and book your Christmas Session directly on the booking calendar.

The reservation is formalized with a down payment of €30 by Transfer or Bizum.

Direct Booking at the bottom of the page!


  • 30 Min-15 Fotos-Fotos con padres

    30 min

    119 euros
  • 30 Min-20 Fotos - 6 postales - Fotos con padres

    30 min

    129 euros
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