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Fabrizio Campioni

I always liked photography. 
I studied Photography in Rome and I liked it since I was little.
I lived in Barcelona for many years and then in London, where I had the opportunity to test myself working for the best studios in the city. 
I developed my knowledge and continued with the studies.
Our daughter Susanna was born there and the search for the perfect city for our new family made us return to Barcelona, where I had the pleasure of focusing on what I like the most:
Newborn, Pregnancy and Family Reports.
With the Pandemic our second daughter Siena also arrived.
Going back to work was hard, but always leaving free time for my main sources of inspiration, little Susanna and Siena...

Photographing children requires a world of patience and skill. What I like is that you can't ask him to pose so the result is always surprising and natural.

Children represent the beginning of the great adventure that is life.


Thank you for your message!

Avenue  of the Red Creu 1, Cerdanyola del Valles

Catalonia, Spain


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